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About Us

Hi and thanks for visiting!! We are Event Planting Owners Katarina & Forrest and are located in the Santa Ynez Valley. We are both Southern Californian Natives. Living in such a lush State filled with so much greenery, it hard not to incorporate it into our daily lives. We love California, but love to travel just as much. Mother Nature never seizes to amaze us, with all her wonder and beauty. We feel that bringing plant life into your everyday life is something everyone should enjoy! Plants bring so much love and energy, why not have it at your next event? Having over 20+ years in the Event Industry between the two of us, and being the plant lovers that we are, it was a perfect match! We look forward to working with you!

We rent for all occasions including: weddings, birthday parties, photo shoots, baby showers, staging, anniversary’s, corporate, fundraisers etc.